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KAP'S NIAGAS SNACKS FOOD TRADING which was formed on 11 January 1999, had a humble beginning as a family based snack food business operated by the late Haji Alla Pichai B Kather Meerah in the early 70's located in Sentul Pasar, Kuala Lumpur. The late entrepreneur sold homemade and manufactured snacks and tit-bits to sundry shops and bread merchants. Through his hard work, dedication and strategic business planning, Haji Alla Pichai upgraded the small time business into an enterprise named Perniagaan Keluarga Alla Pichai and catered mainly to bigger business entities as restaurants and mini marts.

After the demise of Haji Alla Pichai, the growing enterprise was taken over by his elder son, Mr. Jahir Hussain, introduced rapid changes in the management of the business by investing in sophisticated process oriented machineries that escalated the output of daily production and enabled to meet the demands of buyers. The consistent support and assistants from family members to monitor the marketing and supplying operation enabled the enterprise to target and penetrate bigger market horizons.

Haji Jahir Husain handed the management of business to his younger brother, Mr. Abdul Aziz PPA, PK., to continue the determination to expand and enhance the growth of the family business. Mr.Aziz introduced new varieties of products and strived to capture the growing snack food business in a bigger scale. Moreover the production management's emphasis on quality of products has won over the trust and support from both retailers and consumers.

Mr. Aziz converted the enterprise into a private limited company known as KAP'S NIAGAS SNACKS FOOD SDN. BHD. in 1999. The company currently employs 18 full time manufacturing workers and 4 drivers. The company owns 4 vans to meet the growing need for distribution of products around the country.

KAP'S NIAGAS SNACKS FOOD SDN. BHD. is a proud achievement for the family of Haji Alla Pichai which strived from a humble beginning to become a successful snack food manufacturer in the city. The company is working towards widening the varieties of snacks manufactured and preserving the quality and nutrition of the products catered to the local markets. The company is eager to penetrate the global market particularly the South Asian countries.

Today, KAP'S NIAGAS SNACKS FOOD SDN. BHD. is proud to be run by it's own family members to continues to bring wide varieties of fresh and delicious snack foods throughout Malaysia and look forward to exporting snack foods to overseas markets.



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